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Vasper is my force multiplier tool to achieve optimum fitness, sleep, and vitality without overtraining. I get the benefit of 2 hours of intense exercise in just 21 minutes of low impact workout. The core cooling aspect of Vasper enables me to fully recover in 10 minutes while delivering more oxygen to my body and brain. I love my Vasper, and it’s now a regular part of my priming routine for success.
— Tony Robbins, world-renowned business leader and Peak Performance Strategist

When I can replace 2 1⁄2 hours of cardio with 21 minutes of work, without needing to shower afterward, all the barriers to exercise drop away. Plus, it works even better. I totally love my Vasper!
— Dave Asprey Founder, Bulletproof

Over the first 15 months of using Vasper more than 3x weekly, I’ve gained 6 pounds of muscle, lost 14 pounds of fat, increased my testosterone score from 379 to 697, and have enjoyed the most relaxed, energized, creative, and productive period of my life. All of this at age 72. My success story has so far persuaded 50+ other Strategic Coach entrepreneurs to purchase their own Vasper.
— Dan Sullivan, Co-Founder, Strategic Coach

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